You Can’t Be At Ease


Is there anything that bothers you right now?

I don’t think you can be at ease.

Think about it.

If you keep on setting that thing aside, it will still continue to haunt you.

Let’s face it.

You have to face your fear.

But you can’t do it alone, it seems.

Apparently, you have to give it your all.

You have to give everything you need to give.

You need to survive.

But as long as you’re not there yet, you need something to hold on to.

If you know what that is, then take hold of it.

Never let it go.

If it’s faith, then keep it.

There’s no way you can survive without believing you can.

You just can’t back down.

There are dreams to fulfill. There are people to help.

There are methods to try.

And there are strategies to implement.

But have you already given it your best?

Have you already poured all of yourself to achieving something you have been craving for the whole time?

What have you missed?

Is there anything you’ve missed?

Will you just give up now?

No, you can’t.

You won’t.

Because you have faith.

You will continue to believe.

You have been struggling.

No matter how hard you try, you will still try harder.

Because you do believe.

And you will never fail.

Because you can’t be at ease otherwise.

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