On Ezra 3: The Curse of Comparison and Complaint

They complained. They murmured. The glory of the latter seemed incomparable with the former. They didn’t know how hidden beauty could ever exceed that which was exposed. Such was the case of these older men. In Ezra’s day, when almost everyone was excited about rebuilding their fallen temple, these elders seemed to be playing the antagonists. […]

The Practical Benefits of the Sabbath That I Enjoy the Most

Either the Sabbath is yet approaching (on your part of the world) or is now on while you are reading this. Also, either you know so much about the Sabbath or it is still vague to you — that is, you don’t really see the significance of it, or at least not yet. Whatever the […]

Young, Numb and Broke

Here I am. No bucks left. Poor. Needy. Broke. Bills have been piling up and I don’t know how I can even survive the next day. I’ve been barely eating. Don’t I feel hopeless? I do. But I am not too worried. Quite ironic, isn’t it? I just feel that while I seem to be […]

The [Adventist] Youth of Today: Chained to Risk, Called to Rest

“At the time of the end…many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” (Daniel 12:4) The challenge of the present world to this youthful generation has been in a great degree inclining towards gaining supreme knowledge in science and technology. Indeed, the wittiest students of today are seen to get way too excited […]