God Had Not Forgotten

God has a record book. No, I’m not referring to the book of life, or to the book of remembrance, or to the book of sin. He has another record book. It contains your prayers, and He has not forgotten them. God has not forgotten your prayer Did you ever lose a part of your […]

On Ezra 3: The Curse of Comparison and Complaint

They complained. They murmured. The glory of the latter seemed incomparable with the former. They didn’t know how hidden beauty could ever exceed that which was exposed. Such was the case of these older men. In Ezra’s day, when almost everyone was excited about rebuilding their fallen temple, these elders seemed to be playing the antagonists. […]


“Crestfallen” … This word sounds christmas-sy to me. At first I liked hearing it especially that I’m so fond of Christmas and stuff relating to it. I honestly don’t know why. But as soon as I realized the real meaning of it, I cringed. Not because I didn’t like it but because it tells me […]

A lagniappe of love I know yet I don’t know

My mornings have been the same. Not as what I have always envisaged it would be. I always get to the point of talking to myself about who I really am. Why am I getting myself into this, by the way? I too couldn’t understand myself. But that’s far better though than having nobody do. […]

He gave me His heart and I broke it (A life story)

It was another cold day. Lying on a white bed in a white closed room with no other light than that from the screen of the monitor and little green lights from somewhere in the room. Three electrode patches were tightly stuck in my chest while wearing a white robe without anything else on its […]

One and Seven

We once were one and seven My home was loud, yours was heaven Yet bliss raised with was green in dew Sometimes red, going purple but ends to blue   Nonetheless, the fig astressed, Grown up covered in tight paisley dress Guess in this phase Same aims we raise   That liberty be embraced And […]

On Charles D

ON CHARLES DARWIN While evolutionary teachings are widespread and are highly favored in today’s modern world, Charles Darwin, whose name was so popularly attached to the evolutionary concept, continues to share the concept’s fame. Examining the man’s life, though, would lead us remarkably into questioning the theories and views that now many have blindly followed and claimed to […]

In Bait

Once there was a stranger Who knew not any plan A wanderer sore  with none for fare With none as guide a hand   He walked  a step but slipped Down the shadowy deep A blind nomad  with none to pick With none to  pull  him quick   Strange was his lone despair Stranger than […]


Mid-high school to college years mark the period in most people’s lives when minds fall significantly into and become primarily driven by one of three states: either (i) they wake up to seeing the invisible reality of the existence of the faith world and they act with absolute zeal upon it; (ii) they get hypnotized […]