How To Become A Blogger From Scratch


So, you want to know how to become a blogger, too? Well, this post is more on “How I Became A Blogger,” so it’s quite more personal.

Well, I do think that’ll be actually helpful if you’re a newbie. In this very first post of mine, I’m going to share with you how I became the blogger I am now.

If you consider yourself a newbie, then I can probably help you.

Start A Free Blog

Blogging doesn’t have to be complicated.

First of all, let me list down the “platforms” that already sound familiar:

  • WordPress
  • Tumbler
  • Blogspot

I only had WordPress and Tumblr back then, but I did not maintain them. If you personally know me, you’ve probably read from these blogs:

  1. Quantum Asian Quartz (a WordPress blog)
  2. Quantum Quarks & Gluons (a Tumblr blog)

Both were free to create, but I didn’t own a domain of my own. (Yeah, I love how that sounds. And yes, I’m sometimes playful with words.)

Now back to business.

To start your own free site, you may just go to or It’s pretty straightforward to create an account.

But then, you won’t have something like

You can create a blog for free, but it’s at the expense of not having your own domain name.

Now if you don’t want that, you may instead host your own blog.

How To Host Your Own Blog

First of all, I want to explain why you should ever consider hosting your own blog. So, here’s…

My Story

As I said, I can’t have something as direct as or or by using free blogging platforms.

My first two blogs were hosted for free, so I got a

  •, and a

It looked too long and unprofessional to me, but it took years before I finally decided to get my own domain. Hence the birth of this site:

Now that was initially under the domain name The first time I had it, I was so glad I could finally own a website to my name.

Shortly after, I encouraged my sis to host her own site too. Hence the birth of this site:

Are you seeing the logic why I’ve been wanting to host my own site?

It’s simple. I could run a business out of it! 

And if that’s what you want, or at least where you’re headed, then better learn how to start a self-hosted site!

Start Your Self-Hosted Site and Get On To Business!

Got no clue how? I’m about to reveal one easy way, so stay right there.

Introducing Writers.Academy

So here’s how I actually started. I came across Writers.Academy somewhere on Instagram. No, actually, it was my sister who found the promotional post. She shared it to me knowing how much I liked writing.

And—guess what—that’s how I was able to put up my first self-hosted site!

My Published Articles

In turn, I was also able to publish these articles under the clients of Writers.Academy:

And the company gave me great pay! Believe me, it’s one of the highest-paying writer agencies out there!

Start A Blog Now!

So, if you would like to follow my path, you can simply start by signing up at Writers.Academy. Here’s how.

Just choose from any of these categories (choose whichever interests you best) and you can start doing your own business!

Would you like to learn more? I’m writing about my Writers.Academy experience, so better subscribe to get notified when the post comes up!

Got More Questions?

Just comment down below so I can better aid you!

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