The Curse of Loans and Debts

One can have a whole other site on this topic and not get exhausted about creating a new post. In other words, there’s just a lot to say on loans and debts. To focus on the curse of loans and debts, however, is another thing. If it’s just for discussion’s sake, it can be helpful […]

When You Are Lost About Being Lost

He reached his hand out for his phone to turn off that second alarm. Still, he didn’t want to be up because it sounded so much better to sleep on while he can. Unfortunately, the third alarm soon came. It was time to report to work and once again, he wasn’t able to talk well […]

Where Is Jesus? The Song of the Story

If you would ask me what my favorite song is, I could not think of one single answer. Apparently, though, this song stands out as an oasis for the struggle of the moment. Where is Jesus? (Hit the “play” button to listen to the song.) On a journey from Jerusalem Returning to their home Joseph […]

He Did Not Obtain A Degree

Jesus did not have an education. A formal one, I mean. Still, He succeeded. He knew He didn’t have to have a degree. So He didn’t study under the rabbinical schools of the day. The reasons? His mission did not require Him Let’s set that right in. Jesus had a mission. He was focused on […]

God Had Not Forgotten

God has a record book. No, I’m not referring to the book of life, or to the book of remembrance, or to the book of sin. He has another record book. It contains your prayers, and He has not forgotten them. God has not forgotten your prayer Did you ever lose a part of your […]

The Practical Benefits of the Sabbath That I Enjoy the Most

Either the Sabbath is yet approaching (on your part of the world) or is now on while you are reading this. Also, either you know so much about the Sabbath or it is still vague to you — that is, you don’t really see the significance of it, or at least not yet. Whatever the […]

The Psychology Behind Changing One’s Image

Girls do have haircuts when they wish to move on. What could have been the psychology behind such an image change? Well, it doesn’t happen with girls alone. Boys do express in their own ways a change in their image once they experience a correspondingly eventful crossover in their lives. Nowadays, expressions of such a […]

Young, Numb and Broke

Here I am. No bucks left. Poor. Needy. Broke. Bills have been piling up and I don’t know how I can even survive the next day. I’ve been barely eating. Don’t I feel hopeless? I do. But I am not too worried. Quite ironic, isn’t it? I just feel that while I seem to be […]

The prejudice on a wholesome lifestyle

Bad image. Fellows are giving this kind of lifestyle a bad image. Well, just like everything good in this world. Interestingly, that is how things have always been. At least from the day sin began. People just do not understand. They tend to not get it until they themselves get sick. Till they themselves realize […]

Knowing the Man before knowing any man

Blessed singleness. Ever heard about it? Well, let me tell you a bit of my own share of it. I grew up not knowing very well the man through whom I was born. It was definitely a disadvantage that was only later realized. Only when I had already been struggling with the consequences thereof. Hence […]

Blessed Are The Powerless

Our brains are in tumult in trying to reconcile the fact that we have been empowered as GOD’s end-time movement to be foremost in doing HIS great work and the fact that we have been doing the ministry for decades as if powerless. The world expects much of us and in our desire to keep […]

his Lousy Tactics Unmasked

If you are a sociologist/historian, he makes your mind interpret immorality in the society as evidence that Truth and Moral values are relative and that there is no such thing as a Universal Moral law. If you are a biologist, he gets you focused on the imperfections in the living and non-living environment for you […]