A New Day


It’s a new day today.
We’re ready for new thoughts.
We want to feel at peace.

We crave.

For peace.

We hope.
We don’t wish to be hopeless.
Otherwise, we simply die.

And we wilt.

We dream.
For our own sake.
And for the sake of those we love.

We want.
We’d love to.
We give our best.
Just to provide for what they need.

We wouldn’t mind.
Our own loss.
There’s no loss—

As long as they’re fine.

We weep.
Because we could do nothing but cry.
Once we realize
They’re gone.

And they’ve turned
Into people we don’t recognize.

And we’re sorry.
So we weep.

It’s a new day, still.
The chaos.

So we do our very best.
To give.
To love.
To achieve.
To hope.
To cry
In the midst of doom.

Because we care.
We love.
And we will.

Live on.

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