We work toward achieving our individual goals.

We plead to ourselves to pursue and get and gain.

The world around us demands that we be excellent.

It’s chaotic.

And sometimes, it’s hard to tell whether you can finally achieve what you want to achieve.

It’s even harder to tell if you really know what you want in life.

As a child, you dreamed.

As an adult, you probably failed to achieve that dream.

Hence the chaos.

Now you don’t know what you really want while you live.

You. Just. Live.

But, the chaos.

You go on and on.

You wish you could do something more.

You wish you could see beyond what you can merely imagine.

You want to know what the future holds for you.

You dream.

Are you a dreamer?

Do you love to speak of wondrous things?

Do you want to reach the top?

What do you really want?


It’s what you want.


The chaos.

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