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In A World Where Emptiness Abounds

We live in a world where emptiness abounds. We know something is lacking within our heart of hearts. It’s beyond what’s intellectually understandable. The struggle to finding certainty is beyond being able to mentally accept things at face value. It’s way deeper.

Choices. Sometimes, I simply come to a point like this. I still have an intact knowledge of who I am and how things are supposed to be. But I don’t live it all the time.

That is probably why I get by. But it’s not as it healthy as it should be. Being too contented with one’s pace would not be healthy. Being too passive would undermine one’s consciousness about the real consequences. Passivity is probably my disease.

Come to think of it. All these years, I probably had only a very thin connection with God. Now that’s relative. The description is valid because I tend to just get by. Maybe because that is how I was brought up, passively.

I’m describing the connection as thin because it is. I still don’t feel fully well how it is to be best friends with Jesus. I probably know. And, I might be able to imagine how such a relationship is like. But that’s a bit different from making the possibility a daily reality.

All I’m saying is that my mind can run and run and run and it gets me mentally tired. In times like this, I can just blurt things out without having a total emotional attachment to my thoughts. I write my thoughts out just to relieve myself. And, probably, to extract more sense from what I’ve been going through.

I just thought about two words. I’ve mentioned the first one. Passivity and impulsiveness. How can the two go together?

Well, they can go together within a person like me. Most of the time I’m passive. If something really attracts me, I can get really impulsive. So I can’t say I’m already self-controlled. That’s yet too far from reality.

But I know, I know. I need to get it right. My mind has probably just become an expert at reasoning. And I had too many rationalizations that I have forgotten to listen, really listen to God.

It’s just that I had to start over, again. It sounds too ambitious knowing the failings of the past. But there’s no way I should give up. There’s more to my destiny than just giving up. I should be thankful for the experiences that I’ve had in life — those that made me somewhat resilient. But too much of it makes me passive, and it’s not the best way to live the Christian life.

So, I’m here today, lacking some sleep, ending up not writing an “optimized” post. Maybe it doesn’t really matter, at least not this time.

It’s just time to unwind and unmind. I probably had been too mindful about my thinking or my rationalizations. I sound like I’ve been masking my face all this time. It’s okay. I just need to talk to God right now. I know He’ll listen. I’ll get there. I only needed time.

And, most probably, reality.

When You Are Lost About Being Lost

He reached his hand out for his phone to turn off that second alarm. Still, he didn’t want to be up because it sounded so much better to sleep on while he can. Unfortunately, the third alarm soon came. It was time to report to work and once again, he wasn’t able to talk well with his Lord.

How often do we find ourselves relating to this man? This busy world simply has an effective distraction for each one of us that we find it a struggle to find time for prayer. But there is yet hope.

1. A Quiet Time Is An Opportunity To Talk To God

There will be times in which you would find yourself alone. Don’t feel too lonely. Those are opportunities in which you can talk to God. Perhaps, it is even God who arranges such circumstances to come to your life.

It quite amazes me that whenever I get too relaxed about just thriving, a problem suddenly finds its way to boggle my brain a bit. Just then, I’d remember that I have not been praying very well. That is to say that while I pray a little, I am not being completely blessed by this special transaction of communion with God because either it was too hurried or I was just being trivial. Soon I would find myself in a place, time and circumstance where I literally feel down because once again, I’ve been entrapped.

The good thing is that God could have arranged that circumstance to allow me to feel empty enough to seek Him sincerely again. This is not to say that the depression which resulted from a wrong choice of mine was God’s ideal. Rather, God makes an amazing move on the chessboard of my life, leading me from depression to seeking a quiet time, and from that quiet time to a place of communion with Him.

2. You Don’t Have To Be Entertained To Feel Good

Sometimes we would resort to entertainment just to fill up the emptiness that sin brings into our lives. This will never be the best practice,  though, as most that we see in an entertaining media is detrimental to our spiritual health. True, we could be blessed by some random video on the shortness of life and then be led to realize that we needed to come to God. After a short while of scrolling down again for some more feed, though, the thought has too easily flown away. Again, we’ve been distracted from the One who could truly make us feel good.

You see, the more we entrap ourselves into the webs of distractions in the web, the more we would sink deeper into depression, into feelings of sadness and emptiness, and into a sense of being lost. Literally, you can get lost in being lost because, in a way, you tend to forget that you were waning in your spiritual walk and were just in need of God. You need to realize that you ran into a trap rather than to a door to freedom. You need to run to Jesus.

3. A Whisper Shows How A Gentleman God Is

Do you ever wonder why God wouldn’t just pull you out from a pit without you having to ask Him? If He knew you’d be thankful, you argue that He should be doing it without you having to pray to be delivered. Why did you need to call upon God to release you from a trap and ask Him to cleanse you from your sin? Why does He have to be asked and be the best gentleman at that?

Well, remember that there is what we call “The Great Controversy.” It simply means that God is a fair player in this match. While the adversary is a cheater and would like to entice you without making you think whether you really would like to act out that sin or not, God is never like that. He gives you time, freedom and free will to ask, and not just ask trivially, but sincerely, so you yourself would know if that thing is what you really want. God is love, so He won’t force anything, but would only whisper hints and suggestions to let you choose freely and ask Him if you really wanted His help.

This is also why while you can simply be chilling out because everything seems to be okay with you, you still need to talk well with your Lord. Any time soon, you will find yourself too lax. Consequently, you will be lax enough not to notice a temptation coming. The cycle goes on as you find yourself soon sinning, soon depressed, soon there again. At that point, God remains faithful and begins His redeeming work with a gentle whisper to your ears.

4. You Don’t Have To Do So Much

Perhaps, that man first described above has just been very busy. Yes, he may have been busy with important and good things. Again, though, take note that good things are often the very best distractions. Take note that while good things are acceptable, such as working as hard as one can, it is not supposed to overtake the first and best, that is, God. God is number one and remains to be the priority.

If you have been struggling to fit God into your 24-hour day, then you might be doing so much, even too much. This makes your relationship with God quite unhealthy because you are crowding Him into your already filled-up schedule. God should have been “scheduled” first. To experience God is to make Him our first priority.

When You Can Be Found By A God Who Finds

Thankfully, God is the God who finds. He finds us when we’re lost. He makes the first move when we can’t make any initiative. God works to redeem us when we are lost, and even when we are lost about being lost.